Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Cause of Christian Failure

In the year 1965 Bishop Williams was invited as guest Speaker at the 50th Jubilee Convention of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Before the sermon, he presented a plaque to Bishop Samuel Grimes for his valuable services to the Pentecostal movement. Following the ceremony Bishop Williams preached this dynamic sermon "The Cause of Christian Failure." It was felt that this message was so enthusiastically received and had such universal significance that it should be available to the World.

Here we are, friends, at Gods Barking's very first sermon. The previous records had been fairly easy to interlace with dog noises - after all, it's been taught for years in various conservatories that the torturous yelps of canines are perhaps the most pure musical expressions on the planet!

But, this, Smallwood E. Williams, this is another case. Smallwood's belligerent verbal gait is as harsh as one could ever hope to hear, the only musical quality being an awkward, military-esque rhythm to his wrought-out shouts. I was not, to be honest, entirely assured about this particular project. I carefully ripped Cause, certain to not allow even the slightest bump against my turntable to stymie Smallwood's furor. Once I had captured and digitized the album, I, as graceful as a weaver working thread into a fine tapestry, situated the dogs. With hesitance, I pressed Play. Oh! What horrors await?!

At once, I was overwhelmed. But, no, not by sorrow, friends! I came to realize that the agony with which my precious dogs yowled was the absolute perfect mate for Smallwood's own wails. The composition builds - dogs bark, Smallwood barks back, the volume escalates, you begin to lose all control! This is truly a singular experience, and I can have no greater pleasure in life than to share it with you, readers.


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