Sunday, April 5, 2009

In which I place the sounds of dogs barking over obscure religious records.

The purpose of this project is to bin-dive obscure religious records and place on top of them the sounds of dogs barking. The motive behind this idea is two-fold. First, the record shops I frequent have an abundance of old, cheap religious records. Secondly, I have somehow amassed several hours of barking dogs in both compact disc and .mp3 form over the past few years and need to justify their existences. I will not display an ideological predilection in this endeavor; the act in and of itself is sufficient.

Below is a link to my first composition, Gods Barking, Vol. 1, which utilizes an LP from the Speedway Gospelaires. The album title is Wonderful Friend. It was produced in Nashville, TN and is their first (and last?) stereo album. From the back:

The Speedway Gospelaires consists of born again believers in Christ and are dedicated to His will. Delbert Merida sings lead and plays rhythm guitar, Edna Merida sings alto, Marion Lawson sings tenor, John Stogsdale plays lead guitar and John Stogsdale Jr. plays bass fiddle.

In my piece, I dedicate the left channel to the first side of Wonderful and the right channel to the second side. Also, I have put reverb on the recordings to give them a more distant sound. The dogs' voices have been pitch-shifted down slightly but otherwise lack any aural tampering.


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